Why Blogging is So Important for SEOBlogs can help your business in many different ways. It can help you establish thought leadership, build trust with your potential clients, and increase your credibility within the community. One of the most important reasons is that it can boost your SEO results, which improves your organic traffic. Below are a few reasons that blogs are so important for SEO.

It Can Keep Your Website Content Fresh
Search engines love websites that are updated frequently. Being active shows them that they are fresh and relevant, rather than outdated. Besides a blog, there aren’t many other opportunities for you to update your website, so starting a blog gives you the opportunity to continuously publish new posts to your site. The more fresh content you post, the more pages you’ll have for search engines to index, which means more opportunities to take the #1 spot on search engine result pages.

You Can Use Keywords Strategically
Every new blog entry post gives you new opportunities to incorporate SEO keywords in your content. By performing a keyword search, you can find keywords and phrases that people searching for businesses like yours would use, and place them strategically in your blog posts. This can greatly improve your search engine optimization results.

It Can Increase Traffic Through Backlinking

It pays to build relationships with other organizations, and backlinking is a great way to do that through your blogs. Blogging offers you the chance to include links to other relevant websites, and in return, they may link back to your site, which will help you generate even more web traffic that you couldn’t otherwise generate on your own. You do need to be careful about the other sites you build relationships with, because if the sites are not high-quality and reputable, you may be penalized by search engines.

It Can Improve Your Social Media Search Results
Linking your blog to your social media accounts can offer your business another opportunity to be found by search engines when your audience is seeking out your company.

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