Digital Marketing Services

When you think about marketing for your startup, what are some of the types that jump into your mind? You probably think about social media and keeping all of your social platforms up-to-date with new updates and posts about your business. But what about SEO and video marketing? These two services are essential when it comes to marketing for your startup, here’s why.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a set of rules business owners can use to optimize their websites, social media, and blogs to help potential customers find them easier. SEO is so important because millions of people use search engines every day, and the better your site is optimized, the easier it is for people to find and use. Here are a few more reasons SEO is so important:

  • SEO can improve the usability and visibility of your website
  • It can gain you more visibility of your social websites. If people who are looking for your website on Google find it fast, they’re more likely to promote it on social media
  • SEO can also get you more sales by optimizing your site in a way that gives you more visibility to customers. Even if you’re selling the same product at the same price as your competitor, a properly optimized site will be easier to find, giving you more business

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing can be important to your startup for a number of reasons, one of them is improving your SEO. Adding a video to your website can increase your chances of getting to a top spot on a Google result page. Not only can videos drive consumers to your business, but they’re also a great way to catch their attention and drive engagement. Social media users are about ten times more likely to comment on a video on your social media that on a blog post or a social post that doesn’t have any type of visual content. Not only are they more likely to comment on it, but they’re also more likely to watch more than 75% of a video compared to reading along text-based post on social media.

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