Tri-fold? Try Digital Marking InsteadAs kids, the first step of arriving at a hotel for vacation involved plucking brochures, flyers, and postcards out of the kiosk in the hotel lobby vestibule. Trees rejoice! The days of papercuts are over, as tourists can find anything they need with a quick online search. Is your business stuck in the traditional methods of marketing? Here’s why you should go digital.

Page One: Getting to Page One: In the tourism industry, users will not necessarily know your business name. They may simply search “seafood restaurants near me” in Google or Yelp. Therefore, maintaining an online presence is so important. Through frequent activity and use of keywords, a business can slowly work its way up in the google search results. Many customers will check out online reviews. Make sure that good and bad reviews are addressed. Yes, even this will assist your company’s SEO standings. Don’t expect results overnight! A page can take up to a year to start to see results with SEO standings. These methods are extremely measurable through tools like Google Analytics which can not only measure ROI, leads, and unique visitors; but can also help a business better their targeting in future campaigns.

Facebook: The Staple of Online Presence: Facebook is becoming the new google. Many users search a restaurant, hotel, or retail shop on Facebook before they commit. Use this public space to advertise sales, specials, or relevant information for your industry.

A Real (Web) Page-Turner So, you’re on Facebook, you’re maintaining a great online presence, now make sure you have an appealing website to link back to. Ever click to a website on your cell phone and see outdated information, pixelated graphics, or a confusing design? This can increase a bounce rate. A bounce is when a user clicks on a single page and either hits the back button or exits the page without and further actions. An excellent bounce rate is between 26% and 40% of users. By having an easy-to-use, visually appealing website, a business can decrease their bounce rate by keeping that potential customer on the site until they find the information they need. 80% of online users own a mobile device, so make sure the site is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewers.

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