The holidays are an excellent opportunity for small businesses to bolster their social presence, marketing strategies, and bring in more business. However, if you don’t know how to use the holidays to your advantage, strategic marketing during the holidays can be tedious, tired, and ineffective. Here are some tips:

Be Visible
One great thing that social media can do for a small business is to extend your customer reach to audiences outside of your local community. The whole world is a potential customer now, with many different celebrations and customs. Seawave Digital can create visibility through social platforms for your business.

Strong visual images will help your small business to stand out in news feeds. Facebook and Pinterest are the social media platforms customers prefer to look at for inspiration, possibly because they are both visual platforms. “Deck the Halls” of your business’s profile page to reflect the spirit of the season. Use videos, animated GIFs, and images paired with relevant content to grab attention.

Create Engagement
Show your customers how much you appreciate them by giving them an incentive; a one-day-only or limited-quantity sale, B1G1 free, special discounts or holiday coupons are a few examples. Start a loyalty program, if you don’t already have one in place. Your customers will be grateful for getting a deal and you’ll be grateful for increased sales. Everybody wins!

Amp Up Your Platforms and Analytics
Behind the scenes of your holiday marketing strategies, consider giving your website and social platforms a facelift. Holiday-themed social marketing will bring more traffic to your website and pages. This type of traffic is a perfect reason create a more updated, modern, or aesthetically pleasing website that will bring back customers. At Seawave Digital, we create beautiful, engaging, search-optimized websites that look great on PC’s, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. At Seawave Digital, We collect the data, look at the results of our practices, and adapt based on our findings. This data gives us the advantage to keep our marketing practices for our clients effective and cutting edge.

Finally, always collect analytics that reflect the traffic to your site and social engagement from customers. Analytics allow you to learn what worked, what didn’t, and to keep track of the increase or decrease of traffic and customer engagement.

If you want the tools and expertise to take advantage of the holiday season for your marketing purposes, contact Seawave Digital. Give us a call at 609-849-8820 or 609-886-8600 x42 or email us to learn how we can help you.

From all of us at Seawave Digital, we wish you Happy Holidays!