The 12 Months of Christmas: Planning Holiday Marketing Ahead of TimeIn the wild world of advertising, our calendars are a bit different. We plan for Halloween in July, we plan for Christmas in September. To wait until the last minute would not only squelch creativity but increase stress. Here are four ways to get started on your holiday digital marketing today.

Make Sure Online Information is Accurate:
If a company is planning a marketing blitz, it’s a real shame if their phone number, hours, or website URL are incorrect. This information needs to be consistent across all social channels, websites, online directories, and more. If there’s an unclaimed page somewhere online, this is your time to claim it.

Great SEO Doesn’t Happen Overnight:
Increasing a SEO ranking can take anywhere between 4-6 months, for some even over a year! That new website was a great investment in your business, but if nobody can find it that’s a little counterproductive. SEO has evolved from listing out 10-15 generic keywords to consistently being one step in front of the potential customers that are searching for your product or business. Search queries are more like spoken questions than they used to be. This could in part be due to the rise of devices like Alexa and Amazon Echo.

Update Company Website:
Did you know that 40% of customers will shop elsewhere online when they have a bad website experience on a mobile device? Thanks to changes in Google’s
algorithm, sites that are not optimized for mobile through a responsive
design will see a drop in ranking. Use your google analytics to analyze last year’s performance online and improve.

Prepare Pay Per Clicks (PPCs):
Create a consistent style and voice to use across landing pages using PPCs, a digital marketing model where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. These pages take time to perfect so don’t wait until it’s too late. This leaves time to optimize campaigns while the competitors are still buried in HTML.

Building and maintaining an online presence all while juggling a business can be a lot handle. Trust in the expert at Seawave Digital to help! With an experienced team of web designers, content writers, and SEO experts at your service you can stick to what you know best, running your business! To find out more, visit our website here.