Tell Your Story: Utilizing Social Media for a Small Business Everyone has a story to tell. How you tell that story, well, that’s up to you. For a small business owner, this story might be late nights, early mornings, triumphs, failures, and tears. Consumers aren’t just buying products anymore; consumers are buying stories. Don’t wait for a talk show to call, for a journalist to write a feature, for a ghostwriter to pick up your autobiography. It is your story. Tell it how you want it to be told in a public, interactive space where anything is possible. Social media is ready to tell your business’ story, are you?

Improve Brand Loyalty:
Social media: it’s in the name. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide an interactive space for businesses and their audience to directly engage. Customers can ask questions, leave feedback, and hear your story. These interactions humanize the business and have been shown to increase a consumer’s brand loyalty. If someone likes your page, they’ve done it for a reason. That’s why 53% of Americans are more loyal to the brands that they chose to follow on social media.

Improve Customer Experience:
A bad review can be an amazing opportunity to publicly make an angry customer a happy customer. Demonstrate the business’ customer service skills by responding to all comments, reviews, and inquiries (yes, even the bad ones). This is an opportunity to publicly display just how far you are willing to go to make things right for a customer.

Increase Engagement:
By investing just a few hours in your story each week on social media, a business owner can see a real increase in engagement and following. Take the time to write evergreen content. This content is always relevant and considered “lasting”. Investing a small budget of just $10 a week on a boosted Facebook post can measure huge results. Not technologically savvy? Choose a reliable digital marketing agency to tell your story.

When business is booming, the idea of adding social media to your daily agenda may feel exhausting. Trust in the social media experts at Seawave Digital to tell your story. Through a thorough analysis of your business and direct input, SeawaveDigital’s content team can create social media posts sure to engage and grow your following. To find out more, visit our website or like us on Facebook!