Tackling Tourism Sales for Your Small Business
“I need a vacation,” said, everyone. Vacation: a time to relax, explore, and splurge. For many vacationers, all frugal spending goes out the window as souvenirs, clothing, and knick-knacks are purchased. It may be April, but June is on the horizon and so is summer vacations. Many small businesses rely on this season of tourism to pay their bills. Places like family-owned ice cream shops, outdoor tiki bars, and unique board shops see much of their revenue during this time. So, as a small business owner, how can you prepare?

Avoid Stress, Hire Now:
Evaluate the need for a seasonal worker. When business is booming, you don’t want to be messing around with interviews. Make sure to check with your state's compensation for seasonal worker’s policy.

Partner with Other Local Businesses:
Get in contact with the local Chamber of Commerce. They are usually eager to help promote “going local” and often help promote clusters of small shops near hotels or airports.

Get Involved:
Place your brand in front of potential customers by sponsoring or attending an event. Look into festivals, farmer’s markets, or fairs. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce and keep an eye on the newspaper so you don’t miss out!

Start Marketing:
U.S tourists are often creatures of habit. Many vacationers return to the same state, same town, same hotel multiple times. Make sure to budget correctly for this marketing burst. Post promotions on social media, utilize email marketing by sending out coupons, and perhaps send out some direct mail pieces as well.

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