October begins the holiday season for businesses and marketers. As a business owner, you should embrace the new seasons and holidays as part of your social media marketing strategy. This is a perfect time to produce relevant content that revolves around current situations your customers and prospects are currently in as they browse the internet and social media for Halloween costumes, fall recipes, decorating ideas and much more. It’s important your business has a strong online presence during this pivotal time to take advantage of a larger audience. Here are some marketing tips and tricks for your business to implement this fall season.

  1. Profile background to match the season
    Consider customizing your social media profiles for the holidays. Your online presence should reflect the current season your business is experiencing. Showing an updated and current online presence will build up the credibility for your business in the eyes of the consumers.
  2. Search for relevant hashtags to use during the season and implement them into your content strategy
    Research what holiday or seasonal hashtags are being commonly used and see if your business can relate to it or if it caters to your customer’s lifestyle. Craft social media posts with relevant hashtags a couple times a week to increase the reach of your messages.
  3. Share social media posts relevant to the season
    Showcasing what you have in common with your audience is a great way for your brand to humanize it’s image and strengthen the relationship with your current and future clients. Share tips relevant to the season. For example, a HVAC company can provide tips that relate to heating and preparing for the winter season. Always keeping up with the trends will allow customers to see you as a credible business that’s up-to-date and cares about delivering fresh content to viewers. This will encourage customers to engage and search out information from your business.
  4. Create a social contest revolving around the holiday or season
    Giveaways are a great way to create exposure and a buzz around your product, service or brand. A contest that matches the season would be a strategic way to draw in your audience. Make a contest that requires users to enter an email to help build up your email list so you can update subscribers on future contests, promotions and announcements.
  5. Create seasonal specials and coupons
    If you’re looking to boost engagement, offering coupons and discounts are one of your best options. Try developing a seasonal special that you can offer each year to keep customers coming back. Share these specials in social media posts to increase your reach.

Use these marketing tips and ideas to make the most of the holiday traffic and spending, and create a positive impression of your small business that will last long into next year.

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