Marketing Tips - Keywords

In an age where technology is king, there is no question that the impact of the internet has never been stronger. Today, having an online presence, both on a personal and professional level, is a crucial way to make your voice heard and define your distinct personality.

But because the internet is such a powerful tool, everyone seems to be trying to get a piece of this very sacred pie. Many businesses like yours constantly ask themselves, “What can I be doing to make my online presence stand out from the rest? How does my website stand apart? Is my brand message being properly translated to my core audience?”

When it comes to online marketing and branding, it is essential to carefully outline your strategy in order to run a successful and memorable campaign.

Here are a few tips to consider when preparing your company’s marketing strategy this spring:

Know Your Calendar Year

If you pay attention to your website’s Google Analytics or the statistics on your social media platforms, you’ll know that certain times of the year are certainly busier than others. This is information that needs to become very familiar to you if it isn’t already. If your business offers year-round services, think about the best time of year to invest in paid online advertising, and when organic referrals will be enough to drive activity.

Determine Budget

Make the commitment to invest in paid advertising by carefully outlining marketing budget. It’s also advisable to determine promotions and sales throughout the year at this time. Advice from the experts: coinciding paid advertising with special promotions is a great way to drive business and attract attention to your most important updates.

Marketing Tips

Define Keywords

Think about the words or phrases you would use to describe your company to those that aren’t familiar with them. These will be the keywords you will need to define; after all, this is how organic online searches are driven, by someone searching for a relevant topic and selecting the result that best fits your needs. Once these keywords are determined, make sure they have prominent placement on the back-end of your website and consider investing them in a Google Adwords campaign.

While no one knows what the future holds, one thing is certain; the internet will continue to profoundly influence people, businesses, and culture. The fact that the internet can quickly become a congested and overwhelming place also won’t change with the passing

of time. Constructing proper messages for your business online can mean all the difference between success and failure.


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