Landing your Business on the Itinerary: Marketing to TouristsFor months, years maybe, you choose to cut that daily cup of coffee out of the budget. You decide to get “new” furniture from Goodwill instead of the furniture store. Each of these frugal moments results in some change, a couple crumpled dollar bills going in the vacation jar. When the first footsteps off the plane, nearly all financial responsibility goes out the window. You earned this vacation; and when families vacation, they plan to spend somewhat recklessly. This kind of customer requires a special type of marketing. In this exciting new place, feeling chronically lost, these tourists rely on marketing to find the best restaurants, shopping malls, and more. Here are some key aspects to the marketing strategy for a business in the tourism industry.

Target Marketing:
Target marketing is important for all businesses in the tourism industry. Simply stating “we want to target everyone” will not do. The more specific a business is when choosing a target audience, the more personal tailoring can be done from the creative side of the marketing strategy.

How are you marketing your destination? This voice needs to be consistent and hand-hold with your target marketing efforts. Is your Italian restaurant the most authentic? The best place for large groups? The most cost effective? Again, you cannot choose them all! A business cannot be the best at everything. Whichever avenue you choose must be applied to all marketing materials to keep a consistent voice and expertise.

So, what should be included in the marketing plan for a seasonal business?
  1. Introduction
  2. Vision- Main goals and timeframes
  3. SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities)
  4. Target
  5. Strategy
  6. Implementation: A timeline of these above plans and when they shall be executed
  7. Budget: How much can we spend and where will each dollar go?

Don’t forget to measure your results. This year’s plan is great, but each year brings new opportunities to learn from past triumphs and failures

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