Upload Your Mailing List into Facebook

This approach is a great way to reach potential customers in multiple ways. To begin, import your data into Facebook Business Manager or go to Ads Manager by creating a CSV file. Facebook will allow you to target custom audiences based on numerous factors including email, phone number, first or last name, state, country, etc. Since you’re working from a mailing list, you should have at least the names and zip codes of your recipients. Of course the more data you have, the better.

Tip: You can create a CSV file in a spreadsheet program like Excel and include a header for each data point you have

Creating a Facebook Custom Audience

After your CSV file is ready, you can use it to create a custom audience. Open Ads Manager or Business Manager and click on the Audiences tool. Since you’re combining direct mail with Facebook ads, you want to set up two landing pages on your website: one for the mailing list and another for the Facebook ads.

Coordinate the Timing

Timing the sequence of the mailer with the Facebook ad is important. After the mailers reach the destination, recipients need time to get an “impression” and then either respond, or abandon. 

Be Creative!

Campaigns should have a similar look across direct mail, landing pages, and Facebook ads, This consistency supports recall and increases touch points across channels.

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