Identify Your Target MarketIf you aren’t targeting your audience in your marketing strategy, you aren’t getting the most out of your business’s marketing capabilities. Target marketing is a method of marketing to consumers based on research into their interests, hobbies, wants, and needs. Target marketing is all about attracting customers who will buy what your business is selling. Understanding your consumers and your potential customer base will help you grow your business. To target market effectively, you’ll need to know who purchases your products and how to reach them. Read on for tips on how to apply target marketing to your business.

Identify Your Target Market
Know The Who, The Where, The Why, and The How. Who needs your products and services? Know the age of your consumer base, gender, family size, occupation and level of education. Where are your consumers located? Zip codes matter, and get well acquainted with the area (climate, population density, etc.). Why do your customers make the choices they make? Delve deep into their personality and lifestyle information to gain more understanding. Knowing why they buy your product may help you figure out their buying patterns. Lastly, how do they behave? Buying your product or service fulfills a need in your customers. How do they regard that need, and how do they regard your product or business?

Research Your Target Market
After identifying your consumer base, it’s time to research them. Use social media, insights, point of sale data, surveys, even the U.S. Census Bureau to find out more about your customers. Collect information, then compare it to the assumptions you’ve made about your customer base. Anything that comes as surprising to you is an opportunity for further marketing you may have previously missed. Look for similar complaints or suggestions amongst your reviews and take them seriously - if possible, even take action to improve.

Seawave DigitalResearching your target market might seem overwhelming. This is where a digital marketing company can really come in handy. A digital marketing expert, like Seawave Digital, can help you reach potential customers with online marketing and email targeting tactics. Campaigns are built to increase your exposure, increase traffic to your site, generate leads, improve your search rank, grow business partnerships, and develop loyal fans to improve your sales. Seawave Digital uses the following target market strategies to help grow your business:

  • Search Retargeting
  • Mobile Geofencing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Reporting & Analytics

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