Halloween is right around the corner, so it’s time to get your local business in on the action. Here are some fun Halloween marketing ideas for small businesses.


Nothing like carving a good old fashion jack-o-lantern to get you into the Halloween spirit! Decorating your business not only attracts customers to you but shows that you have a sense of quirkiness which will make your brand more likable. This is also a great way to request employees to break away from their usual routine to do something fun! 

Wear Costumes

Wearing costumes can be a fun way to encourage employees to participate at work, especially if you host a contest. Offer to buy lunch for your staff or suggest a potluck. Make it a full day by running contests for best Halloween dish, and best costume!

Halloween Discounts

Offering discounts such as 10% off when customers show up in costumes is a great way to market your business and also the perfect opportunity to gather some pictures for your social media pages. Halloween-themed deals are a perfect opportunity to get more foot traffic and customers.

Trick or Treat

Be sure to make customers aware that you are participating in trick-or-treating! Give out candy that may also promote your business such as candy bars with your company logo on them. We all know parents eat Halloween candy too! 

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