When looking for answers on local businesses, most people turn to search engines. For example, "Does this restaurant provide high-chairs?" or "What accommodations does this hotel offer?". Often, users have a hard time finding accurate, up-to-date information which is why Google brought Questions and Answers to local business listings in August of 2017.

Google's Q&A feature lets anyone ask questions about your business. These questions show up on your Google Maps page. You can answer these questions yourself, or other people can answer them.

Here is how you can manage them as a business owner today:

Stay on top of your Q&A section
As long as you're logged into the Google Maps app, you'll get a push notification whenever someone asks a questions about your business. Answers these questions as soon as possible. If you don't, you give someone else the opportunity to possibly answer the question incorrectly. If you provide quick, complete, and helpful answers, other people will be less likely to chime in with less accurate or helpful information.

Add frequently asked questions to your listing
Write up a list of questions and post helpful, relevant answers to those questions. Make sure you're signed into your Google My Business account when you do this, so that Google will mark your answers as being from the business owner. Posting your own Q&As lets you establish official answers to frequently asked questions before anyone else has the chance to provide potentially incorrect information.

Don't be afraid to get specific
If there's something you want people to know about your business or services, go ahead and include it in the Q&A form. For instance, if your breakfast restaurant offers gluten-free pancakes, that would be a good thing to include in your Q&As, even if it's not a frequently asked question.

If you're not using Google My Business yet, you can sign up here to start managing your free business listing on Google. Once you've verified your business, you'll be ready to start posting and answering questions.

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